god gave me hope

No one has ever seen God in real as far as I know. But most of us believe that there is something powerful called God who created this world and gives us strength to live in the harsh world which is full of danger, hardships and sufferings. I was born and raised in a family who strongly believes in God, But I always had doubts in my mind regarding God’s existence.I used to irritate my mom by asking questions related to God but she failed to gave me satisfactory answer. She  used to say only one thing that God is watching us and whenever we need him God comes to us in any form.Though I had doubts in my mind but still have been worshiping God from childhood.

But one incident of my life made me believe that Yes God is there, but we are unable to see him. One day I and my husband were playing with our 8 months old daughter at home. Suddenly she sat down on bed and started taking deep breath and became restless. We didn’t understand what was happening to her so we immediately took her to the hospital. Doctor admitted her to emergency ward and examined her. By that time, my healthy smiling daughter was turned into a dull sick skinny baby even unable to move her hand. Doctors weren’t sure of the problem,they asked us to wait till the reports come. But my daughter condition was getting worse and she was struggling hard to breath, so doctor shifted her to ICU. Strange part was that all her reports came normal, and doctors had no answers and solutions to my child’s condition. They took one more blood sample and said they are trying their level best. But we could see they were helpless. I was crying badly and praying God to save my daughter. My heart was shrinking and saying please God do something and save her. After sometime one nurse came into ICU to check the machine and she stand next to my child’s bed and put her hand on my child’s head and said ” Little angel ! you will be alright. Don’t worry.” I lost my temper and shouted at her saying that my daughter doesn’t need your fake concern, she needs your treatment, do something. Hearing my loud voice my husband and a ward boy came in who were standing outside ICU and asked me the reason of shouting. I explained them what triggered my anger blaming the nurse who was no where to be seen. Ward boy said there is no nurse at night shift, only 4 ward boys are on duty in this ICU. As soon as he finished his dialogue, we heard sweet voice saying mamma,I turned back into silence and tears started flowing with a little smile on my face. The ward boy quickly called the doctor and after a brief examination doctor was surprised and said all the reading are towards normal and the baby is on recovery path. The next morning we were all home celebrating. We were clueless what happened but whatever it was we will call it a miracle. Fortunately it was a birthday of my husband and we took it as a birthday gift from someone who is always watching us and caring for us. I then understood the wisdom in my mother’s words. We are a happy family today and we appreciate our lives with each breathe. 


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